One More Update

I've posted the final version of the Read-Me here. It may still change, but it's the version that will be given to members at the con.

News, updates and programme changes during the convention will also be posted here. The venue has free Wifi, so anyone with a laptop or iPhone should be able to keep updated.

<plokta.con> Update

Sadly, we've confirmed that Diana Wynne Jones will be unable to attend the convention due to ill health. We hope that she's feeling better soon, and we'll organise a card for her from the convention. Paul Cornell has kindly offered to do an extra panel or two to help us out. As previously stated, we'll give a full membership refund to anyone who no longer wishes to attend the convention.

An updated draft of the programme and other information can be found here, but may still be subject to change.

Membership List

Second try at this; first time was Made of Fail. OK. Here's who we think our members are. A couple of you have yet to pay; You Know Who You Are. Let us know today if this isn't what you want on your badge, please.

A³,Michael Abbott, AlexMc, Brian Ameringen, Meriol Ameringen, Simon Amos, AnnaFDD, Austin, Margaret Austin, James Bacon, Liz Batty, Lewis P Bear, Square Bear, Tom Becker, Chris Bell, Doug Bell, Alan Bellingham, Tony Berry, Sandra Bond, Jill Bradley, Phil Bradley, John Bray, Abi Brown, Ian Brown, Jonathan Cain, Marianne Cain, Steven Cain, Caro, Avedon Carol, Chris, Dave Clements, Eddie Cochrane, Steve Cooper, Paul Cornell, Del Cotter, Helen Cross, Pete Crump, John Dallman, Julia Daly, Crazy Dave, Malcolm Davies, Steve Davies, Melanie Davis, Giulia De Cesare, Jim De Liscard, Fran Dowd, John Dowd, Martin Easterbrook, Lilian Edwards, Flick, Gwen Funnell, Karen Furlong, Nigel Furlong, Sabine Furlong, The Garklet, Nick Gibbins, Rob Hansen, Colin Harris, Julian Headlong, Andrew Hobson, Sue Hobson, Andrew Hogg, Rob Jackson, Jane, Kari, Christina Lake, Dave Langford, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Tim Maguire, Sue Mason, Mike Meara, Pat Meara, John Medany, Rita Medany, MEG, Meike, Caroline Mullan, Phil Nanson, nutty, Clarrie O'Callaghan, Ruth O’Reilly, Michael O’Toole, Erik Olson, Emma Peel, Marion Pitman, Anna Raftery, Colette Reap, Ang Rosin, Marcus Rowland, Sally Rowse, Yvonne Rowse, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, Ian Snell, Kate Solomon, Ian Sorensen, Sparks, Douglas Spencer, Spike, Issy Stark, Richard Stephenson, Charlotte Taylor, Ian Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Darth Tigger, Peter Wareham, Tommy Wareing, Anne Wilson, Tom Womack, Diana Wynne Jones.

Also have totally forgotten Baby Furlong's name -- can someone remind me please? Simon?

Getting to the con by public transport

Does anyone know what is the best option for getting from Sunningdale or Ascot station to Sunningdale Park?

It looks a little far to walk from Sunningdale station and the bus service is once a month once every 2 hours, so the best option looks a taxi from Ascot.

Any other thoughts? Other than drive, that is.
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Things to Bring to the Con

As well as your badge lanyards and your outfits for the children's literature night on Saturday, you might want to bring:
  • Your sewing, knitting, crocheting or whatever, if you want to come to the stitch-and-bitch on Sunday afternoon
  • Beads or other beading materials, if you want to take part in the beading workshop (but we'll have beads and materials available as well)
  • Clothes that you can exercise in, if you want to take part in our more active programme items
  • White-Tak, if you might want to stick things to walls. We will also have supplies available

And superfluous technology, of course. The venue has free Wifi.


We don't have lanyards, but we do have strap clips. We also have bits of string. If you'd like a lanyard for your badge, can you bring one with you, please? If one of you has a box of 100 lanyards and could bring that, even better...?

<plokta.con> Update

We regret to announce that Diana Wynne Jones is unwell, and may not be able to attend <plokta.con>. We're sure you would join us in offering her our best wishes for a speedy recovery. If she's unable to attend, the Guest of Honour interview on Saturday afternoon will be replaced with a panel discussion of her works. We will refund membership in full for anyone who decides that they would prefer not to attend the convention.

Whether or not Diana can attend, the rest of the convention will go ahead as normal, with Paul Cornell as our Guest of Honour for Sunday. A PDF copy of the draft convention Read-Me, including the programme, can be found here. Note that all items are liable to change.
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What should I bring?

Is there anywhere with any sort of list of what's going on at Ploktacon this weekend, so I know what I need to bring with me? I've not actually joined yet (drplokta said it would be OK to join on the door!) so I haven't had a PR or anything, and I can't find anything on the website. I know there's a children's literature costume evening because it got mentioned on Twitter, and I know there's an exercise class because I'm running it. What else will be happening? I don't know what to pack!

Room Bookings

To the best of our knowledge, there are plenty of rooms left, but some people are reporting problems with the De Vere Venues web booking saying there are no rooms available. We recommend that you phone 01344 634395 (and quote Plokta) to book a room -- the location that you want is Sunningdale Park. The con room rates apply for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights (the nights of 22-25 May), but the actual con programme will run from late morning Saturday to late afternoon Monday.

<plokta.con> Release 4.0

[The following is reproduced from the new issue of Plokta, which is in the process of being mailed. Note that we got the year wrong in most of the UK Ploktas, and the con is in 2009, not 2008.]

<plokta.con> Release 4.0 is go! It will be held at Sunningdale Park in Berkshire from Saturday 23 May 2009 to Monday 25 May 2009, which is a bank holiday Monday. We plan to start programming at around 11am on the Saturday, and finish at around 6pm on the Monday. The convention room rate will be available on the Friday and Monday night, and we intend to be sitting in the bar on Friday night.

Sunningdale Park is famous for being the Civil Service College, although it’s now formally the home of the National School of Government. All the facilities are named after famous civil servants; sadly, we couldn't afford to book the Willis Suite, the Kettle Theatre, or the fishlifter Tavern. De Vere Venues have completely refurbished the site, so it no longer has that authentic student feel. For which we’re sure you're very grateful.

It’s a mile or so from the town of Sunningdale, near Ascot, which is half an hour from London Waterloo by train. Our overseas readers should note that it’s about twelve miles from Heathrow Airport (easiest by taxi, but you'd want to book one in advance). The site is a former stately home set in 65 acres of landscaped grounds around a lake. We don't get to use the stately home (think wedding conveyor belt); instead we have the modern purpose-built convention centre at the other end of the site. The accommodation and restaurant/bar are close by, and it's all been refurbished to make it beautiful. There's also an outdoor, heated swimming pool, and diversions such as tennis, squash, giant chess, pool and croquet. And there's free WiFi. Alison's been wanting to run a convention at Sunningdale for years; it's a truly lovely site.

Attending membership is £30 payable either by cheque (payable to Plokta) posted to Mike Scott (email for the address) or by PayPal to Free for under 12s, £15 for 12-17.

The room rate is £80 per twin/double room per night and £60 per single room per night, including breakfast and VAT. Some family rooms are available; check with us if you need one. Booking arrangements will be advised later.

We’ve set up a LiveJournal community (ploktacon4) and a Facebook group, and any news and updates will be posted to both locations.

More information on guests and programme will follow.