Alison (bohemiancoast) wrote in ploktacon4,

Membership List

Second try at this; first time was Made of Fail. OK. Here's who we think our members are. A couple of you have yet to pay; You Know Who You Are. Let us know today if this isn't what you want on your badge, please.

A³,Michael Abbott, AlexMc, Brian Ameringen, Meriol Ameringen, Simon Amos, AnnaFDD, Austin, Margaret Austin, James Bacon, Liz Batty, Lewis P Bear, Square Bear, Tom Becker, Chris Bell, Doug Bell, Alan Bellingham, Tony Berry, Sandra Bond, Jill Bradley, Phil Bradley, John Bray, Abi Brown, Ian Brown, Jonathan Cain, Marianne Cain, Steven Cain, Caro, Avedon Carol, Chris, Dave Clements, Eddie Cochrane, Steve Cooper, Paul Cornell, Del Cotter, Helen Cross, Pete Crump, John Dallman, Julia Daly, Crazy Dave, Malcolm Davies, Steve Davies, Melanie Davis, Giulia De Cesare, Jim De Liscard, Fran Dowd, John Dowd, Martin Easterbrook, Lilian Edwards, Flick, Gwen Funnell, Karen Furlong, Nigel Furlong, Sabine Furlong, The Garklet, Nick Gibbins, Rob Hansen, Colin Harris, Julian Headlong, Andrew Hobson, Sue Hobson, Andrew Hogg, Rob Jackson, Jane, Kari, Christina Lake, Dave Langford, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, Tim Maguire, Sue Mason, Mike Meara, Pat Meara, John Medany, Rita Medany, MEG, Meike, Caroline Mullan, Phil Nanson, nutty, Clarrie O'Callaghan, Ruth O’Reilly, Michael O’Toole, Erik Olson, Emma Peel, Marion Pitman, Anna Raftery, Colette Reap, Ang Rosin, Marcus Rowland, Sally Rowse, Yvonne Rowse, Alison Scott, Mike Scott, Ian Snell, Kate Solomon, Ian Sorensen, Sparks, Douglas Spencer, Spike, Issy Stark, Richard Stephenson, Charlotte Taylor, Ian Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Darth Tigger, Peter Wareham, Tommy Wareing, Anne Wilson, Tom Womack, Diana Wynne Jones.

Also have totally forgotten Baby Furlong's name -- can someone remind me please? Simon?
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